edischarges Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eDischarge?

An eDischarge is an application for the cancellation of the entry of a charge made to the PRA by electronic means, where the PRA is satisfied that appropriate arrangements are in place for effecting such application. The application shall be in Form 58 of the Land Registration Rules, 2012 (S.I. No. 483 of 2012).

What are the advantages of using edischarges?

There are a number of benefits in lodging electronic discharge applications. These include:

• the provision of a Dealing Reference Number prior to lodgement,

• verification of the registered owner details which helps to avoid errors

• because of the pre-lodgement of some information the processing of the application can be carried out more efficiently and registration completed promptly.

What are the hours of availability of edischarges?

The edischarges service is available from 8am to 8pm daily. There is no technical support to the service on weekends.

What is the fee for an eDischarge Application?

There is no fee applicable for an eDischarge application. This is governed by the Land Registration (Fees) Order, 2012 (S.I. No. 380 of 2012).

Who can lodge an eDischarge application?

An authorised lending institution can lodge an eDischarge application. For a list of the participating lending institutions currently using edischarges click here.

How do I open an account?

To open an account both an ED1 form and ED3 form (download here) need to be completed by the appointed Administrator of the lending institution and sent to the Property Registration Authority. Login credentials are then issued to the relevant parties acting on behalf of the Account Holder.

What are the prefixes for all counties?

Carlow (CW), Cavan (CN), Clare (CE), Cork (CK), Donegal (DL), Dublin (DN), Galway (GY), Kerry (KY), Kildare (KE), Kilkenny (KK), Laois (LS), Leitrim (LM), Limerick (LK), Longford (LD), Louth (LH), Mayo (MY), Meath (MH), Monaghan (MN), Offaly (OY), Roscommon (RN), Sligo (SL), Tipperary (TY), Waterford (WD), Westmeath (WH), Wexford (WX), Wicklow (WW).

What do the different stages of registration mean?

Pending Submission

The application has been entered by the Creator (i.e. the lending institution) but not yet submitted to the Authoriser for approval.

Awaiting Authorisation

The application has been submitted by the Creator to the Authoriser for approval.


If the Application has been marked ‘removed’ this means the Creator has removed the application from the Authoriser’s workflow prior to Authorisation. If the Application is marked ‘declined’ this means the Authoriser has examined the application and has decided not to submit the Application to the PRA for registration. A reason for removing or declining an Application must be recorded by the Creator or Authoriser.

Awaiting Attention

The application has been received by the PRA but not yet assessed. Application may still be rejected.


The application has been completed by the PRA.


The application has been rejected by the PRA.