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To read the Terms & Conditions relating to this site, please click here.

These Terms & Conditions incorporate and supersede the Terms & Conditions previously relating to edischarges. Account Holders and Users accessing eRegistration services are deemed to have read and accepted the new Terms & Conditions.

The Property Registration Authority is pleased to announce that with effect from January 1st, 2021, an application to register a charge (mortgage) prepared using the eRegistration system, will be exempt from Land Registry fees, pursuant to S.I. No. 544/2020 - Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006 (Fees) Order 2020 This fee incentivisation measure is being introduced to promote the use of our eRegistration service and applies to charges of an entire folio property only. Currently eRegistration can only be used to register full transfers and full charges (in form 51) i.e. where all of a folio lands are included.

However, we have noted that some practitioners are not submitting complete documentation to us, which can cause unnecessary delays. You can follow our guide on creating an application on eRegistration, to help you fully complete the application process. If you have any difficulties or require further information, our support team are happy to help; you can contact them at

Benefits of eRegistration include the facility to:

  • correspond electronically with the PRA
  • interact directly with the digital Land Register
  • circulate documents in a secure workspace
  • pay fees by variable direct debit
  • lodge better quality applications leading to less application queries/rejections by PRA
  • faster registration times

Details, including how to register, are published in the Account Administration section of this website along with a list of Common Questions and a comprehensive User Guide.